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Shayna Overly

Fitness Warrior
Hey! I'm Shayna and I'm a fitness instructor, teaching Warrior Rhythm, Warrior Strength, and PiYo! I love music and singing, traveling, and chilling with my little family.

Limit on Uploaded On Demand Video

I’ve tried to upload new content, but I’m finding that my hour long classes are too large to upload. *sad face*
I’m not uploading directly from Zoom. I take my videos and splice them with an editing program. I’ve never had this problem before. Has something changed?

Added Credits to Clients

Hello! Is there a way to add credits to a client account if they have zero credits? I’m finding that I don’t have access to their account in this way. Thanks! 😊
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Hey Everyone!

Your name: Shayna Overly
Where are you from: Rohnert Park, CA
Your business: Group Fitness Instructor
Fun fact about you: I auditioned for American Idol in 2008, didn't get through, but was certainly an interesting experience!
How can the community support you?: Maybe help with alternative ways to advertise my virtual (hope soon to be in person) classes, growth and reach. I'm not very creative, so ways of doing this would be helpful! 😊


Instagram: @shayna.oh
Facebook: Shayna Overly
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