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Kristin Perez

Empowering Healthy Lives at Any Size!
Hi All! I am a certified personal trainer and health coach who helps beginners, plus size and older adults regain control of their health so they can live fit, healthy, happy lives!

Brand New - Launching in September

Your name: Kristin
Where are you from: Roswell, GA
Your business: Kickstart Health (Fitness & Nutrition for Plus Size)
Fun fact about you: I love to hike!
How can the community support you?: I am BRAND NEW in the industry - so anything helps!


Instagram: @kickstart2health
Facebook: @kickstart2health
Tik Tok: I am mid-40' no. LOL!
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Help Please!

I embedded the OnPodio widget into my Wix website, but it has taken over the entire top portion of the site instead of sitting where I placed it...and it appears on nearly every page. I have deleted the OnPodio widget from Wix, but the class schedule is still popping up. HELP ! Thanks!

Here is my site. The only place I wanted it was in the Book A Class tab, under the Book A Class Paragraph.