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Melissa Brown

Fitness Enthusiast

pause for summer

how do I pause clients memberships for the summer? I hit pause  payments on stripe. But I want them to be able to access on-demand if they want old workouts. I set a separate package for that. I don't want to cancel them altogether for  when I resume live classes in September. I hope this makes sense.

not new to onPodio but new here👋🏻

Your name: Melissa
Where are you from: Upstate NY
Your business: mPowered with Melissa
Fun fact about you:  I am a spartan and OCR race junkie.
How can the community support you?:  I am really new to the fitness industry. Recently  CPT & GFI & nutrition certified in 2020, and currently working on  my ACE health coach cert. I am always looking to learn all I can from other fitness instructors!
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