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Gabby Marrewa

Owner of Fitness by Gabby
Hi everyone! I'm Gabby of Fitness by Gabby. I teach a variety of Live classes via Zoom & do personal training all out of my garage. I have a YouTube channel; Gabbing with Gabby and love Disneyland and my dog/mascot Duke.

Hello I'm Gabby

Your name: Gabby Marrewa
Where are you from: San Diego, CA
Your business: Fitness by Gabby
Fun fact about you: I love Disneyland. I often pull out my lightsaber during live classes. My dog Duke is our class mascot.
How can the community support you?: I have been teaching online classes since March 2020 for Free. I want to start charging but don't know where
to start in terms of how much.


Instagram: @fitnessbygabbysd
Facebook: @fitnessbygabby
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