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Hello! Are we licensed here through On Podio to play our Spotify playlists in our videos? 

And if we are....this tech question is stumping is it possible to actually take a specific Spotify playlist and embed it directly to your video for on demand? I can give an example if the question isn't coming though.

Example would be...I record a spin session with a camera (not a zoom session). Mic is set up bluetooth to iphone (recording) but the music is just playing on a speakers. How can I get that music to come through just as it would like the talk audio? A professional videographer did this for a spin studio but I have no idea what the piece of equipment was that they used to back up the music audio to add to the video later..

Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks so much.
Your name: Tennyson Tappan
Where are you from: Maine
Your business: Geared Strength
Fun fact about you: I turned down an opportunity to get high with Cyndi Lauper (maaaannnny years ago!!)
How can the community support you?: In more ways than one I'm sure!


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