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Melyssa Allen

The #PositivePsychFitPro

Community feature..??

Hello OnPodio team! Wanted to see if there was an ETA for the launch of the private communities feature that was mentioned a while back? 🙂

I’m working on rebranding and relaunching my virtual studio and would love to have a space for my members and I to connect that is not a Facebook group! 🙃

Hey yall!

Your name: Melyssa Allen
Where are you from: Orlando, FL
Your business: Melyssa with a WHY, LLC and Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle
Fun fact about you:
I used to be a marine mammal trainer - which was my childhood dream job!
How can the community support you?:
Ideas for creating better online community engagement, incentives/prizes for members, and ways to branch out into corporate wellness.

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Facebook: and
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